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Fully Managed Trading Account

Basic Account Bronze Account Silver Account Gold Account Platinum Account
Level (USD) 5k-10k 10k-25k 25k-100k 100k Plus 250k Plus
Trades per day 1 2 4 Up to 8 Up to 24
Monthly Target (%) 2%-2.8% 2.8%-3.6% 3.6%-4.5% 4.5%-8.5% 8.5%-12.5%
Asset Classes Currencies/Equities Currencies, Equities & Commodities Currencies, Equities & Commodities All Markets All Markets

Investment & Finance China Alliance Limited (IFCA) offers some of the most competitive managed trading accounts the market has to offer. Our professional team have a client focused ethos giving you the peace of mind that your capital is secure and working hard for you.

Our experts are continuously developing and testing numerous market leading quantum algorithmic trading strategies. We apply the most robust of these to your account depending on current market conditions. Utiliising a combination of cutting edge trading platforms, we enable our clients to monitor trades inside their own online, secure managed account. This state-of-the-art software monitors each position, size and leverage for each individual account on a trade by trade basis. For a Basic Account a minimum trading balance of $5,000 USD is required.

Our managed accounts have been specifically designed to offer optimum security, performance and transparency for all of our clients. At IFCA your broker acts upon an advisory basis, however you the client maintain complete autonomy and control of your account.

A managed trading account with us gives you the opportunity to gain long term financial stability through short term market movements. Only the account holder has the right to deposit and withdraw funds.

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